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  Our shadow selves are the parts of us that we don’t show others. Every one has an unknown or “shadow side”. For many, this unknown ( to others) or rejected ( by ourselves) less desirable side can be pretty negative, dark and dense. Making it too frightening and painful to shed light on areas of our personality that we have hidden and forgotten for years, so it all accumulated. It’s like hoarding. But instead of physical items it is the hoarding of emotions and hidden personality traits that can keep you from reaching your full potential.


  There are several ways to “confront” our shadows, like journaling, therapy, meditation etc. that can help us begin to accept who we are, in all aspects!

  The Shadow spirit/ self drawings, are to help you physically see what is hiding. That way you can begin to clear the emotional clutter that has been collected and become a more self accepting, happier person.

  My intention is to use the gifts that I have been given, to help you both artistically and spiritually with the assistance of my spirit guides to channel your “darker” or hidden energy. I use a photograph of you to help in my focus and chant your name.

  During the drawing I will also receive words, phrases or messages that I place at the bottom of the page. The words may not always match up with the drawing, but they were meant for you and may fit somewhere else in your life. Many times the messages or phrases are coming from a loved one either by direct communication with me or through my guides.

  No drawing is premeditated and is truly unique! And many of my clients will find other images within their finished portrait that helps them to connect even more dots!

  If you are interested in a new or unique way of getting in touch with your Shadow Self to help you on your healing journey, please feel free to send a message for pricing and more information!

  Here are the latest Shadow Spirit Portraits!!

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