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Use Pink Candles for: happiness. Love, creativity, anxiety, balance, compassion, peace, self work, well-being, youth, angel magic. 

Use red Candles for: action, ambition, emotions, motivation, willpower, sex, protection, crossroads, vitality, breaking hexes. 

Use orange candles for: abundance, action, beginnings, illumination, kindness, freedom, goals, healing, the home, success, transformation, well-being.

Use Yellow candles for: community, clarity, cheerfulness, energy, happiness, stimulation, optimism, power.

Use Green Candles for: abundance, adaptability, emotional balance, business, generosity, independence, longevity, healing, strength, wealth,.

Use Blue Candles for: astral realm, awareness, emotions, forgiveness, friendship, honor, knowledge, spirituality, stress, truth, higher wisdom.

Use Purple Candles for: accomplishments, clairvoyance, blessings, devotion, optimism, independence, manifestation, prophecy, intuition,

Use Brown Candles for: balance, agriculture, grounding, guidance, honesty, pet protection, stability.

Use Black Candles for: acceptance, authority, new beginnings, binding, self-control, crossroads, death, determination, breaking, and setting hexes, the underworld, protection, psychic ability, transformation,.

Use White Candles for: awaken, new beginnings, death, divination, guidance, grounding, angel magic, moon, magic, the underworld, truth, visions, peace, harmony, willpower, hope, 

Measures 6 inches tall x 3/4 inches wide

Estimated burn time is 5-7 hours

Made of 100% paraffin wax with a clean burning lead free cotton wick

Made in USA

6" Candle

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