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About us

What is Mystic Embers? 

Mystic Embers is an occult, herbs and oddities shop established in early 2018 by...* record scratch*

Whoa, Wait. Occult? Like Wicca, Witchcraft, and all that? and herbs and... oddities?

Yep! We'll be carrying a variety of herbs, ritual and spiritual supplies, like candles, journals, books, wands, incense, and more!

And the oddities?

Oh, Yes we can't forget about those! So, okay we wanted to really make Mystic Embers a magical and memorable experience for our customers and didn't want to make your regular run of the mill shop, Ya know? Like, here are shelves, here is product and so on and so forth. No, No, we wanted people continue to talk about Mystic Embers for days after their visit and to come back time after time. Not just to purchase, but to see new oddities and art that comes into our shop! Taxidermy, bones and gaffs,oh my! We even have a mummy!


Is everyone welcomed at Mystic Embers?

Absolutely!! Why wouldn't they be? I would not have it any other way! Our store may be a little surprising at first to some, but once they walk around and talk to either, my husband, myself or other customers, they will feel right at home. You never know who you may inspire!

So, who's running this place, anyway? Tell me about you and your Husband.

 Well, I will keep this short because I don't want to ruin some of the surprises!  I'm Ash and my husband, who is amazingly awesome, is Nelson and we have been together for over 20 years! ( Aww! ) I know! but it doesn't feel that long though!  Time flies when you are having fun! We are high school sweethearts and we have one kiddo who is 15. Nelson is a US Army Veteran, and was retired from the Army in January 2018. He currently works for the Veteran Benefit Administration as well as at the shop. I was a stay at home/ work from home mom for the past 15 years. I am also an artist that creates both paintings and sculptures, some of my work is in private collections worldwide, as well as in theater productions and traveling sideshows throughout the U.S., Canada and Australia.


What are type of events are going to be at Mystic Embers?

We have had a Halloween costume event, a visit from Krampus for the holidays and have hosted classes. What will we host next?  Click on the events page for more information.

Dang it, Okay, last question, What is your goal for Mystic Embers?

Oh man, I have lots of goals for Mystic Embers to be honest. The biggest is to bring a different perspective of life to people. To show people that is okay to be different. To Have fun with your life! 



 In our store we want our clients to be immersed in magic and wonder.  

Shop Hours

Sunday:        Closed
Monday:       11 am - 6pm
Tuesday:       11 am - 6pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday:     11 am - 6pm
Friday:          11 am - 6pm
Saturday:      11am - 4pm