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Bedroom Blessing and Dream Salt

Bedroom Blessing and Dream Salt is a unique blend of essential oils and herbs that bring a special energy into the bedroom. It is crafted using herbs sandalwood, lavender, cinnamon, mugwort, white musk and rosemary essential oil, which are carefully blended to induce a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. When sprinkled into the room before bed, the herbs and oils help to create a mystical effect that helps to ease the mind and body into a deep and restful sleep. As well as inducing a peaceful sleep, the salt also encourages dreaming and dream recall, making it the perfect tool for those seeking to expand their conscious awareness as they sleep.

Once the salt has been used, it can be vacuumed or swept up and placed back into the earth.

Mixed by hand and blessed in small batches.

Ingredients and PROPERTIES:

Sandalwood powder: cleansing of negativity sets magic in motion.

Cinnamon powder: high spiritual protection, psychic powers

White musk powder: removal of anxiety and worry, love and passion

Sea salt: purity, removal of unwanted spirits, neutralize

Mugwort: psychic work and lucid dreaming, to protect against evil spirits.

Bay laurel: Wisdom, warding, purification and prophetic dreams

Red clover: Protection

Lavender: Sleep, peace, purification

Please keep out of reach of pets and children.

Bedroom Blessing and Dream Salt 2 oz

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