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Mystic Embers’ Inner Wisdom loose resin incense is a powerful tool for enhancing spiritual and self-awareness practices.

Carefully handmade, this resin blend contains natural ingredients such as frankincense for purification and protection, myrrh for healing and grounding, benzoin for banishing negative energies, blue cornflower for promoting inner peace and harmony, calendula for enhancing intuition and Amber resin for attracting abundance and prosperity. The addition of musk resin adds a sensual and alluring element to the incense, making it a perfect aid for meditation and reflection.

Burning this incense can help one connect with their inner wisdom, leading to a deeper understanding of the self and the world around us. Its beautiful aroma and intention-filled ingredients make it a must-have for anyone on a spiritual journey.

Burn this resin on a charcoal disc or on a resin burner.


Inner Wisdom Resin Incense Blend 2 oz

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