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Love & Good Fortune Resin Incense Blend


Love is a powerful force that unites us all. It is the energy that brings us together and fills our lives with joy and satisfaction.


The Love and Good Fortune resin incense is a divine blend of rose, frankincense, tonka bean, patchouli resin, and Damiana herb. Each component carries its spiritual significance, promoting love, healing, and prosperity. The sweet and floral fragrance of rose brings forth emotions of love and passion, while the sacred frankincense purifies the air and uplifts the spirit. Tonka bean is renowned for its ability to attract good fortune and abundance, while patchouli resin promotes harmony and balance. The addition of Damiana herb improves the overall energy of this incense, inviting love and good fortune into our lives.


Burning this incense can help us connect with the divine and manifest love and blessings in abundance.


Burn on a charcoal disc or on a resin burner.


Love & Good Fortune Resin Incense Blend 2oz

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