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After 6 years of running the shop I had so many people asking for help for protection from negative energies. So, I created a type of “ grab and go” protection spell candles. I used black candles, and made a protection oil and herbs mixture that is specific for this intention. It’s a simple yet effective way to ward yourself from the evil eye, gossip, and just everyday negative vibes.


These would make an excellent pairing with the beautiful day intention candle set! Light both in the morning and have yourself a kick ass day!

How to use these candles:
hold a candle in your hand and say out loud what you are seeking protection from.

For example: I want to protect myself from all the negative gossip around the work office. I want to no part of it and don't even want to hear it.


Next Place the candle on a heat-safe plate or in a chime candle holder. 
 Keeping the vision of getting what you asked for in your mind, or how that would look for you, light the candle and say " And so it is". Allow the candle to burn down, and never doubt your work. Know you already have it!

Protection Chime Candle Set

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