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The Spiritual Assistance Chime Candle Set is a powerful tool for connecting with the spiritual realm. Each candle is carefully prepared and inscribed with a specific intention, amplifying its energy and purpose.


The candles are anointed with oils and herbs, such as mugwort, which is known for its ability to enhance psychic abilities and promote vivid dreams; eyebright, which aids in opening the third eye and increasing intuition; and sandalwood, a sacred scent that helps to calm the mind and deepen spiritual connection.


So how do you use these candles?
Hold one candle in your hand, close your eyes, and say what you need guidance for. Remember to be clear and concise.


For example: " I need guidance/ assistance on my healing journey. I want to have support from my ancestors ( and say how you want the support to be) when times get tough." 


Next Place the candle on a heat-safe plate or in a chime candle holder. 
 Keeping the vision of getting what you asked for in your mind, or how that would look for you, light the candle and say " And so it is". Allow the candle to burn down, and never doubt your work. Know you already have it!


Never leave a candle unattended, and keep them away from children, pets, or anything flammable.



Spiritual Assistance Chime Spell Candle Set

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